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Whats in a Honeymoon?

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Traditionally, a honeymoon is the sole responsibility for a  groom-to-be when it comes to his role in the pre-wedding planning. While the bride is busy picking the perfect blooms and worrying about table placement, the groom is in charge of planning the fabulous get-away honeymoon.
This doesn’t mean the honeymoon is any less complicated or important. This trip is the reward for all the hard work put into the wedding and is the rest and alone time the newlywed couple craves. A girl might dream of her proposal, engagement ring and perfect wedding gown. But, she also dreams about the fantastic trip she and her new husband will take for their first getaway as a married couple.
There are a few things a couple should consider before diving into the limitless options of honeymoon destinations to make sure this all-important trip is handled correctly.
Picking a Destination
Traveling to faraway places is much easier in this fast-paced world. What used to take days of travel now only takes hours. This considerably expands your destination choices. But, asking yourself a few questions will help you focus your thoughts on where to go.
What type of couple are you?
Make sure your trip fits your personality as a couple. What types of activities do you and your fiancé enjoy doing together? Are you the outdoors couple? Maybe a mountain getaway would be best. Do you like bright lights and night-life? Maybe a city destination or possibly Las Vegas would interest you. Do you like to be pampered? A beach location would have resorts and spas to meet your every need.
What type of travelers are you?
If you or your fiancé have any worries about modes of transportation, you need to keep that in mind as well. If flying isn’t an option for any reason, there are plenty of destinations within driving distance. Cruises are a great option for those who don’t like to fly.
How much time do you have for your honeymoon?
For most people, a week is the average to spend on your honeymoon. This will limit your destinations to an extent. If you have to cross multiple time zones and spend 12 or more hours on a plane to get to your location, you should spend more than a week to truly enjoy your honeymoon.
Hire a Travel Agent
Now that you’ve picked the type of trip you’d like to take, you need a professional to make sure it all goes smoothly. Travel agents are key to guiding you through the enormous travel industry. If you aren’t careful, you can get overwhelmed with flight schedules, cruise itineraries, room details, check out dates and other unforeseen traveling hang-ups before you even settle on your final destination.
“People spend three times more on a honeymoon than they do on a regular vacation,” says Michael Holbrook of Preferred Vacations and Cruises. “You should hire a travel agent to make sure it doesn’t get messed it up.”
Even if you consider yourself to be travel-savvy, and you and your fiancé have already decided exactly where you want to go, you need someone to keep everything in order so you can concentrate on the upcoming wedding. It doesn’t cost any more money to use an agent, so why not?
Just like choosing other wedding vendors, you should be picky about who puts your honeymoon together. Not all travel agents are alike. Some deal only in corporate travel for business travelers. Others specialize in leisure travel. Even within the leisure travel segment, agents specialize in different destinations. Make sure to use an agent who is well versed in your destination of choice.
Keep the overall purpose top of mind in planning. You want to relax and rest after the whirlwind of the wedding and be able to enjoy each other as a newly married couple. As long as you are able to do that, you’ll have the perfect trip!
Here are a few honeymoon-planning tips from travel agent Michael Holbrook:
1. Hire a travel agent.
2. Keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want to worry about anything on your honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts are a great option for taking care of everything up front.
3. Stay as long as you can. It takes the same amount of travel time whether you stay 3 nights or 7. Make it worth your travel and stay as long as possible.
4. Consider staying in town the day after your wedding, instead of leaving for your honeymoon the morning after your wedding. This enables you to take care of post-wedding items, rest after the long wedding day, be more organized about your travel plans, etc.
5. Travel with a passport — even if you’re told you don’t need it. A passport is the easiest way to show identification no matter where you go.
6. Purchase travel insurance. You have too much money tied up in your trip not to. It covers many things including medical expenses should you get sick while away.
7. When traveling on an international flight, be in the terminal no later than two and a half hours before take off.
8. Finally, relax and enjoy your
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