Tyler Asbury & Will Grogan

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When Tyler Asbury and Will Grogan met, one of the first things they realized they had in common was their love for family. So nobody was surprised when Tyler, the only daughter of Joan and Wake Asbury’s four children, requested to have her wedding reception at the home of her parents.

“I wanted to have the reception at our house because of all my home represents to me,” Tyler said. “My bridesmaids got dressed in my bedroom, pictures were made in the yard, and Will and I got to see each other there for the first time that day. It was perfect; I loved everything happening in such a special place.”

The wedding ceremony was at First Baptist Church of Opelika, where guests entered the sanctuary to an atmosphere of reverence as praise music set the tone for the ceremony. Hymns ushered the attendants down the aisles, and a praise song led the couple in a time of communion. Close friends added words of encouragement throughout the ceremony that ended with the congregation joining together in The Lord’s Prayer. Every person involved played an important role in the lives of Tyler, Will and their families, and every detail was carefully chosen as to fully portray the message of Christ’s love and grace.

Following the ceremony, guests joined the newlyweds at the Asbury home, greeted by an atmosphere of celebration. Tents in the backyard set the stage for friends and family to mingle, and a fireplace courtyard appointed with garden benches accessorized with blankets offered warmth from the cool January air. A garden theme of green and white with hints of pink featured orchids, hydrangeas and roses, along with lanterns, boxwoods, and moss, all created by the floral design team of King’s Garden, Lisa Smith Thorne

and James Farmer.

For the festivities, the bride and groom, along with their wedding party, stayed in formal attire, but traded their dress shoes for cowboy boots – an ode to the couple’s love for the simpler life. To begin the evening, Tyler and Will took center stage for their first dance to Van Morrison’s Someone Like You.

Designed by Peggy McKinney, the three-tiered chocolate bride’s cake with mocha butter cream frosting and decorated with Tyler’s favorite orchids, was displayed in the dining room. In lieu of a groom’s cake, Will’s favorite dessert of homemade banana pudding was served on the front porch.

Martha Hicks of Southern Hospitality provided a menu that included pork tenderloin, shrimp and grits, and grilled sliders.

After celebrating with family and friends, the couple ran through a tunnel of guests waving sparklers, into a

horse-drawn carriage that trotted the Grogans away.

“Having my family home play such a significant part in our wedding day was very meaningful to us,” Tyler said. “The beginning of our life together essentially began at a place that so beautifully represents family, faith, love and happiness.”

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