The Lost Medallion – A Movie That Became a Movement

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The Lost Medallion is a full-length feature film set for national release March 2013. Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Bill Muir, who’s also on staff at EAYFC, the movie targets second through seventh graders with a message of personal worth and value. Alex Kendrick of the movies Courageous, Fireproof and Facing the Giants stars as Daniel Anderson who visits a foster home and tells a story about Billy Stone and Allie. The two teenage friends uncover a long-lost medallion and then accidentally wish themselves back in time. Will the experience give them a new understanding of who they are and what their lives really mean? Daniel finishes the story to the foster children with the Truth about their tremendous value to God, who loves them and created them. The story not only changes the children, but is bound to change all who see the movie.

Kendrick calls the movie a “wonderful message of God. This movie is an Indiana Jones-style movie with no objectionable content. It was a privilege for me to work on it, and I think you’ll be blessed by it too.”

Flannagan challenged himself with continuing the blessing after the credits rolled. “I’ve known Bill (Muir) for 35 years when I first started with Youth for Christ. For the last 10 years, Bill’s been working on this movie and others. I’ve read countless script revisions, but when it all finally came together, I realized the amazing opportunity for our kids.” Flannagan met with local youth pastors who, upon seeing the movie, began to strategize on how to springboard the movement. “I mean, who doesn’t like a good movie? And if we get kids interested in their own creation then we can introduce them to the gospel. We can change an entire generation,” says Flannagan.

Enter Beyond the Sky, a 10-minute video produced by EAYFC. The short film, produced with Muir’s company MeThinx Entertainment, is about two boys lost in an air-space museum whose encounter with a janitor leaves one with a greater understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Flannagan says the feature film introduces the concept of a Creator in a soft way while the short film directly answers questions about the gospel. “We have two main goals in this movement. We want to raise enough money so that every second through seventh grader in Lee County can see The Lost Medallion in theaters, and we also want to find a way to underwrite unlimited availability to Beyond the Sky. Every child in the country, even internationally, who
sees The Lost Medallion will be given access to Beyond the Sky. Our pastoral community will then have a strategy in place on how to cement these kids’ hearts for Jesus.

“I heard a great analogy that applies here. Our goal is to sweep these kids into church and let the pastors untie the knots,” says Flannagan. “If we do that, if we can change the conversation of this generation, we’ll change our entire community. There’s never been a more critical need for change than right now.”

Muir emphasizes the importance of a child’s self worth. “We need kids to see their value from the inside out — not the outside in. Get them thinking about God as one human being to another. If kids begin to think there’s a God, they won’t be as resistant to the gospel. My goal is to create a platform (with The Lost Medallion) for dialogue among grandparents with grandchildren, parents with their kids, parental influencers engaged, husbands and fathers on board to talk about a spiritual movement. This movie artfully introduces the concept of God while entertaining kids with clean action and adventure,” says Muir.

Lee County Family Court Judge Mike Fellows says, “The Lost Medallion is one of those rare films for young people that inspires us to the greatness we were all created for. It reminds us that we all are created equal and with great potential regardless of our circumstances. To reach that greatness, we often have to engage in the internal struggles between good and evil. And it is worth it!”

Flannagan is currently co-hosting screenings of The Lost Medallion. “We’ve had a great response from the moms in Lee County. If we can get the moms excited, we’ll fill up the theaters next spring then two things will happen. One, children in Lee County will get a message of worth and value, followed up by a direct message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second, the moms will change Hollywood. We’ll show movie investors we’re willing to take our kids to good movies with a moral message.”

Auburn mom and elementary school teacher Karla Hines is excited about the movie’s potential impact on kids. “The filmmakers have produced an excellent film that allows me as a teacher to springboard off this film into many positive conversations that I might not have without it. Conversations about the importance of a strong character, being kind to others and working with other students as a team,” says Hines. EAL

If you’re interested in hosting or attending a screening of The Lost Medallion, want more information about how your child can become an assistant producer of the film or want to involve yourself in the movie that became a movement, contact Kevin Flannagan at 334.501.5637 or email at kevin@insideyfc.com. For more information on the movie, visit www.thelostmedallion.com. 

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