Margaret Ewing and Will Gaither

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It might sound odd, but for Margaret Ewing and Will Gaither, their marriage was a match made, well, in line for the restroom. While waiting to use the men’s room at a restaurant in Seaside, Fla., in July, 2008, a beautiful brunette exiting the ladies’ room immediately caught Will’s attention.
Fast forward a year. In the same restroom hallway, Will anxiously waited for his girlfriend to exit the same ladies’ room again.
“We met in the same spot again, but this time I was on a mission,” laughs Will.
“I attempted to make small talk as a way of reminiscing about our original meeting, but I quickly fell to my knees and asked the love of my life to be there until the end. She said yes!”
Although excited about her upcoming wedding day, Margaret’s planning was bittersweet without her mother, who had been killed four years earlier. But Margaret was immediately surrounded by a large family, dear friends and Will’s family, who all wanted to be an integral part of every detail of her special day.

Margaret found her first dress at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta on a day when the
hit TV show, Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta, held preliminary filming for upcoming episodes,
“They asked if they could film while I tried on dresses and several weeks later, they called asking me to be on the show, even though I had already purchased a non-refundable dress.” 
Margaret agreed and was joined on the show by four bridesmaids, an aunt, a friend and her wedding planner.
“Bridals by Lori made it clear they didn’t give refunds, so if I happened to find a dress I liked more than the one I had already purchased, I would have to buy a second dress,” explains Margaret. “I tried on about 15 dresses for the show and was getting discouraged because none of them was what I was looking for. Then, the bridal consultant pulled one more dress. I tried it, and absolutely loved it! I came out to the mirrors where my family and friends were, and I burst into tears. We all loved the dress.”
Designed by Lazarro, the dress had everything Margaret looked for. Touched by her dilemma, the bridal consultant offered to try and work something out with the emotional bride, who had already purchased one dress and had now found a second, more expensive one she loved even more. 
“Lori (the owner) got involved, and she finally told me she wanted me to have the second dress, and she would let me return the first one,” says Margaret. “I was so relieved. Then, she gave the dress to me because she was so touched by my story. I was shocked and surprised, to say the least!”
There is little doubt Margaret’s mother was with her in spirit when the couple married at the Carl House in Atlanta on June 19, 2010, surrounded by family and friends, many who helped make a perfect day for Margaret. The bride surprised her new husband with a Corvette before the couple left for a honeymoon on Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands.

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