Mamas on a Mission

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Local ladies Samantha Bradshaw, Penny Foster, Ouida Lawrence and Ashley Benson have a shared vision and passion. Together, they have formed the non-profit organization, Blessings on the Plains, with the mission to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating and Christian environment for adults with developmental disabilities. The founders joke they are on a mission from God — or possibly Mars. “We aren’t quite sure yet,” they add playfully. Though still in its formative stages, the foundation (which is currently seeking tax-exempt status) has already generated lots of local support and excitement.
All four of the women have children with disabilities, so they know firsthand the challenges those children will face on their road to greater independence. Their collective hope is an organization like Blessings on the Plains will offer help to the disabled, with the ultimate goal being greater independence and self-reliance in their adult years.
Local attorney Kim Hudson is already on board and has donated legal work for the group. As she explains, “It’s very rare to meet someone, let alone a group of people, who are extremely passionate about something and willing to step out in faith and do something about it. Any time that I can be a part of something that special, I jump at the chance, in whatever way I can. Nancy Davis (a partner with Davis, Forbus, Bingham & Hudson, P.C.) has a great policy at our firm — we form non-profit corporations free of charge. I’m so thankful that I met this amazing group of ladies and was able to draft the documents necessary to form Blessings on the Plains. I’m eager to see their dreams become a reality and help children with special needs here in our community.”
Indeed, the group’s dream is to “see individuals reach their full potential and highest level of independence.” To achieve this, they hope to form a “community within a community for developmentally disabled adults here on the lovely plains.”
They go on to say that “ideally, we would love to offer a residential facility with optional day programs. We hope to offer jobs onsite and other meaningful activities which would allow each individual to reach his/her full potential.”
In order to make their dream a reality, the group will have to raise enough money to acquire property and perhaps even a house. From there, they hope the organization becomes financially self-sufficient by offering day camps, services and other materials sold through the organization.
For many families with a disabled loved one, the cost is daunting. Thus, the group’s ultimate goal is to “have this fabulous facility at an affordable cost for families that are looking for safe, long-term living for their loved ones.” Toward that end, the group plans to kick-off fundraising efforts in earnest this fall — so stayed tuned for updates and prepare to be blessed! EAL
For more information, visit Blessings on the Plains facebook page.

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