Jason & Amanda Dufner Wedding

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A friend introduced Amanda Boyd of Millbrook, Ala. and Jason Dufner of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., when Amanda was a student at the University of Alabama and Jason, a graduate of Auburn University, was playing on the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour. Their first date went well, but with Dufner’s hectic schedule, he pretty much kissed her goodnight and disappeared. He did call often, and the two had long conversations, but they did not actually see each other again until both just happened to be in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. From then on, they were inseparable.

Amanda juggled school and traveling with Jason, completing her schoolwork in hotels while Jason was on the golf course.

After graduation in 2010, Amanda had hoped Jason would propose. In fact, it was more than just a hope since a friend slipped up and told her Jason had already bought the ring.

“Every time we were going out somewhere, I would get all dressed up just in case that was going to be the night he popped the question,” says Amanda. “But he never did.”

Almost a year passed with no proposal.

“I had been planning to propose in early 2011, while we were in Hawaii,” says Jason. “But I found out Amanda knew I had the ring, so the element of surprise was gone. Then my schedule got really busy, and I couldn’t find a time to make it special. Until July.”

Amanda joined Jason for a tournament in Philadelphia the week of July fourth, and when Jason missed the cut, he knew he had the perfect opportunity.

“We took a train to New York and had dinner at STK, our favorite restaurant, before going to a rooftop bar overlooking the Hudson River,” remembers Amanda. “We were watching the fireworks over the river and when I turned around, Jason was on one knee. I don’t really remember much after that, only that I was bawling and complete strangers were applauding, snapping pictures and buying us drinks.”

Amanda immediately went into wedding-planning mode, most of which was done while traveling with Jason, who was able to switch his schedule around to accommodate the May wedding of his bride-to-be’s dreams.

Fountainview in Auburn was the site Amanda chose for an outdoor wedding. Stanley Sistrunk of The Flower Store created arrangements of solid white flowers, Amanda’s favorite. Her dress for the service was a Judd Waddell with a custom-made purple sash to match the attire of the wedding party and family. A small orchestra provided music for the ceremony with Chette Williams officiating.

“The best part of the whole day for me was watching my soon-to-be wife walk down the aisle,” says Jason. “Just to see how beautiful she was and to know she was about to be my wife.”

At Jason’s request, the couple wrote their own vows which they did not share with each other until they were spoken at the wedding.

The reception had something for everybody, from a cocktail hour filled with putt-putt golf and corn hole, followed by dinner catered by the executive chef of STK in New York. Following dinner, the dance floor came alive with the music of A Town, A List from Atlanta. For the festivities, Amanda changed into a lighter, less bulky wedding dress designed by Heidi Elnora of Birmingham.

“I wanted an intimate, romantic
ceremony followed by a fun cocktail hour on the lawn, dinner and a Miami club vibe for the night,” says Amanda. “I wanted everybody to have the time
of their lives.”

Following a perfect evening with friends and family which ended with a fireworks show, the newlyweds returned to their home in Auburn where the man of many surprises had ordered white flowers and tea lights that completely covered the bedroom and master bath.

“We didn’t have plans for an immediate honeymoon, but I wanted our first night to be special,” says Jason. “So I decided to make it a little different.”

Well played, Mr. Dufner, well played.

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