Jada Harper & Chase Barker

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Childhood dreams of her perfect wedding day unfolded on June 13, 2009, at the wedding of Jada Harper and Chase Barker. Theirs is a love story rooted many years before. As seniors in high school, Jada and Chase could not then foresee that this cheerleader-and-football-player romance would grow into a lifelong partnership.

In April 2008, Jada and Chase made their intentions official with their engagement. Within days the date was selected. Jada had always known she wanted to be a summer bride, so June was perfect. While many stay far away from the tainted number 13, this bride-to-be found comfort in this number as it has always been her daddy’s favorite number. So lucky 13 it was!

With the date set, this bride-to-be began the process of orchestrating her big day — the day she would become Chase’s wife. The couple set the venue for the ceremony at First United Methodist Church, Opelika.

While Jada worked tirelessly decorating and planning the wedding day, Chase was navigating his way through the remainder of his coursework in Auburn University’s School of Building Science. This bride- and groom-to-be certainly had their plates full. Many southern brides incorporate traditions into their big day. This bride was no exception. The coin in Jada’s shoe journeyed from Andalusia, Ala., where her late uncle provided each bride in the family her very own coin. The bride’s bouquet was adorned with an antique pendant that belonged to her late grandmother. But perhaps the crown jewel that topped off the bride’s ensemble was the delicate lace piece that was stitched with care inside of the bride’s exquisite gown, placed right next to her heart. This lace was from the wedding gown worn by her mother on her wedding day some 31 years earlier. The mother of the bride not only centered the bride and ensured that this day went accordingly, but a piece of her own wedding day would be right there with Jada on the day she would also take her vows.

The ceremony was underway, and all eyes were on this beautiful couple. As the couple lit their unity candle, a brother/sister duo was beautifully performed by Lindsey Brown and George Brown. Chase then grabbed his new bride’s hand, and surprisingly slipped on a second wedding band to seal her set. While Jada was busy with wedding plans, Chase had secretly been working on this touching surprise. These two high school sweet hearts were now husband and wife.

The reception was held at the Aerie, and the scene was set for a night of celebration. The food was perfect, the atmosphere was joyful and the guests were celebrating the occasion. As the night went on, the bride and groom could rarely be found anywhere else, but the dance floor. The happy couple enjoyed each other, family and friends, and everyone danced the night away!

All of the detailed planning and orchestrating paid off. The wedding day of Jada and Chase was nothing short of magical. The love that radiated between this bride and her groom will continue to capture the hearts on those we reflect on their wedding day.

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