Ecological Insulation

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In recent days, issues surrounding the environment have moved to the forefront of the American political and social stage. Here on the Plains, two environmentally conscious Auburn students came up with their own eco-friendly business concept. Today, those two friends are now the proud owners of a booming business located here in East Alabama. Auburn graduates David Kahn and Brycen Williams co-own
EcoLogical Insulation, a local company promoting green solutions for home energy efficiency.

When asked what first prompted them to form the company, Kahn points to their shared love of the outdoors, as well as their common interest in home building. Kahn and Williams have been friends since they attended Auburn University. Though they lost touch for a couple years (while David was finishing his masters in building science), they became reacquainted in 2004 through their mutual interest for the environment, the outdoors and construction. “From there, the original idea for the business just naturally flowed, and we gradually put together a plan over the next couple years before deciding to definitely pursue it,” stated Kahn.

Since that time, the two have enjoyed great success — even appearing on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. “Business has been good,’’ confirms Williams. “I really think the various tax credits have played a role in that, as well the slow economic times, which prompt consumers to find new ways to save.’’ In fact, Kahn confirms that insulating a new or existing home can yield energy savings of up to 50 percent. In uncertain economic times, that is a major selling point for the pair. “Although we are somewhat insulated, if you will pardon the pun, from the economic downturn in Lee County, we do see a slowdown in new home construction and sales and a lot of folks are looking for ways to save.”
The two explain that their consumer base runs the political and social gamut. “We have a lot of fiscally conservative customers that are primarily interested in the monetary savings, but we also have some more liberal customers whose main concern is the environmental benefit. It’s a really broad range of folks, which makes things fun.’’

EcoLogical Insulation specializes in spray-foam insulation. The product used is “green” in that it makes a home more energy efficient. Some of the products offered also contain renewable content which makes them even more attractive to the environmentally conscious consumer. “The product we use performs far better than traditional fiber-glass insulation,’’ explains Kahn. Spray foam insulation can be used in new construction, but can also be “retro fitted” into your existing home. The process of insulating a home can take up to two or three days, depending on the size of the house.
Williams offers this additional word of advice. “For maximum cost and time savings, it really benefits the consumer to call us in the initial stages of home or building construction. Insulation is just one part of a total energy-saving system, and
the earlier we can be involved, the better.
Both men live in the Auburn-Opelika area with their respective families and look forward to calling the Plains home for many years to come. “It’s just a great place to work and raise a family,” confirms Kahn. “We feel blessed to be here and look forward to continued success, as well as being able to give back to the community.” EcoLogical Insulation has recently opened offices in Birmingham, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. EcoLogical has quickly become a strong presence in the Birmingham spray foam insulation market.
For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit the company’s website at www.ecologicalinsulation.com.

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