Bonnie Jackson& Matthew Capps

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Bonnie Jackson and Matthew Capps got to know each other at an engagement party honoring Abby Jones and Bo Simms, a wedding they were each asked to be in. Soon afterwards, they were dating and became engaged themselves about a year later.

It can be somewhat of a challenge planning a fall wedding in a college town that enjoys football. Bonnie and Matthew decided to have a small garden wedding and reception at Fountainview Mansion in Auburn.

Bonnie had several “something olds” that had special meaning to her. One was an antique necklace her grandfather had given her grandmother, which was passed onto Bonnie for her 18th birthday. A small piece of her baby pillowcase that she had slept with since she was born was pinned under her wedding dress with a baby pin she wore at her own christening.

She also wanted to wear her favorite pair of shoes that would be comfortable, which just happened to be cowgirl boots that she had worn for years. Her mother agreed to that request thinking no one would see the boots. That ended up not being the case. Anyone that knows Bonnie was not surprised at all by her selection.

The “something new” was a pearl necklace given to her by Matthew during their private moment prior to the ceremony. Bonnie gave Matthew a family bible. Matthew also surprised her by telling her they would be going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for their honeymoon.

For “something borrowed,” Bonnie wore her mother’s wedding veil.

Her “something blue” was a blue topaz ring passed down from her grandfather to all the girls in the family.

When planning a garden wedding, there can always be a chance of rain. As Matthew told Bonnie the afternoon of the wedding, “you can’t have rainbows without rain.” It did rain, but it stopped just in time for the ceremony. Bonnie said afterwards that God was just showering them with blessings.

Several special moments included Mary Winkler, a family friend, praying with the wedding party and family before the guests arrived, as well as the trumpeter playing “Trumpet Voluntary” from the second-story balcony as Bonnie’s dad walked her down the aisle.

Other meaningful things included the altar cross built by Bonnie’s dad, which was covered in flowers, and the kneeling bench her great uncle built. Both will be used by other family members.

Bonnie and Matthew wanted their rings to say something that reflected their personalities, so they decided to have “I love you, but put it back on” engraved in their bands.

The newlyweds said that being surrounded by family and close friends made the week-end unforgettable.

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